I have started my own start-up. Will public relation help to make it grow?

India’s start-up ecosystem continues to develop rapidly, and has become the third largest start-up base. Bengaluru, NCR, and Mumbai continue to lead as the major start-up hubs in the country. The government has rolled an ambitious project like Start-up India, Make In India, Digital India and Skill India.
Every start-up start from the scratch and to make it successful you need various methods like Social Media Marketing, SEO etc. to make it a success. In this process we often forget a common source and that is Public Relation which can really help to make your business successful.You must be thinking why a start-up needs a PR then the answer to your query is – when a small business is started, people remember to advertise its brand but forget to include PR which cost less than advertising or sometimes it can also be free. It is one of the cost effective method to create awareness about its brand to its audience.
So how can a PR help a small business to grow, the way is very simple and that is when an advertisement is done about the brand then, sometimes audience might be in dilemma whether that particular brand is trustworthy or not. In this case PR plays a very important role of making its audience believe in its start-up. Media plays a very important role of being a third party which endorses a product or service and this way company gets the credibility. Your small business can create awareness and make visible by making it appear larger and established one which may help you to secure partnerships, customers and funding.
There are two types of PR, one is offline PR & another is online PR. Generally, if I ask you to go with offline PR then the role of them is to engage with newspaper journalist, magazines, radio etc. When it comes to print media then the PR will be having an editorial calendar so that it makes them easy to follow the date and they can submit the story of the brand when the newspaper will be writing related to it. As the time passed, people are trying to shift their base from offline to online by using various social media channels like blogs, press releases etc.
Creating optimised press release will make your brand go stronger by its influential writing style which will help you with the headline formats. The PR will also do research about how many people are generally interested on this company with qualities of problem solver ability, cultural literacy and a good business sense. The PR makes sure the small companies meet the expectations by making strategic plans. The PR team is responsible for research, planning, communication and evaluation.They are responsible for providing direction, promoting innovative ideas. If you have PR then it will help to reduce the risk of uncertainties, overlapping and wasteful activities.
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