As a start-up where should I focus on SEO, SEM or Social Media ?

Starting your business is a great job and it can be really thrilling with lots of exploration. At beginning you are triggered with a lot of questions which you ask yourself like – what will be the easiest way to reach out to your target audience? How to create a buzz in the market? What are the ways through which you can capture the audience who can’t afford to spend so much? Then the only answer to this question is Digital Marketing, which consist of 4 P’s – Promotion, Product, Price and Place.
Social Media
If we concentrate on the first part of digital marketing, which is “promotion”, then let us first focus on social media marketing. Well its a very smart way of marketing because you have an easy way to interact with your readers and acquire prospects and leads on a regular basis. The thing which you should not forget while doing social media marketing is your existing customers as they are the ones who will later be the promoters of your company and will help you in your campaign to go viral.There are various platforms to do social media marketing like Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn,Instagram, Pinterest and blogs.
Now, let’s talk about SEO that is search engine optimisation, which can add a little fuel to your start-up. If I talk about it in a little elaborated way then SEO can be done through “keyword search”,“finding topic” and “generation”, “creation of the content” and “generating link to your websites”. A small business or a start-up should always optimise its website and pages because in terms of digital marketing, its an easy process of making web page easy to find through search engines like Google, Yahoo etc., move forward and easy to categorise. It helps to make your business go to the top among thousand other companies. Not to forget, its an integral part of digital marketing.
Important thing to concentrate upon in easy way, that is Google keeps on changing its algorithm in every 3-4 months so you have to upgrade your version to make it on the first page as the audience loses its interest to go to the second page.
Managing SEM is a very challenging job if you don’t have expertise to help you with. As in most cases they are competing with well-established and well funded companies. Sometimes they let go because either they have less money or less data. If you make your start-up go SEM then it is the most effective paid advertising channel. This is because advertisers can easily bid on exactly what potential customers are looking for via keywords that represent specific intent. It can be done through Google AdWords, bing Ads etc.
Think about it once and take decision wisely of what you should select.
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